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Abstraction on Landscapes of Berks County, PA
Acrylic on canvas


In the Summer of the year 2021 the yard was filled with poppies. I was ready for a new adventure…I started painting poppies and including some of the great spans of landscape in my neighborhood. I started to notice the interplay of the expanse of the sky, the expanse of the farmlands dotted with farmhouses, barns and storage buildings, chicken coops and more. I started to paint.

Acrylic on canvas 16×20



My intention was to try another poppy picture based on the same theme as before but in a different way … and to explore the acrylic medium that is new to me. During my observations of the skies in Berks County, PA, I often bumped into the power lines and of course the poles. I decided to incorporate them into the painting rather than ignoring them. Although I still don’t like the power lines, I do like the effect of the juxtaposition in a painting with flowers. The lines also became the trellis which works here both to tie in the flowers in the sky and to suggest a disturbing element that works well here. The war impression was often mentioned by the people attending my recent local Featured Artist Show but the relationship to the war was not intentional.

Acrylic on Canvas, 18 x 26