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To paint the watercolor (Mind Pictures,) I search for the elusive image that appers from out of the paper itself...after I prepare my paper for this to occur, the possibilities are endless and I can paint in my choice of any image that presents itself...which is what I do. Other works that I have posted are created by conventional processes using various materials in a unique way...still, it's about the adventure and the mystery of creating. Each piece is a lesson I teach myself...


This house exists in Sammamish Washington, USA, in reality-

My intention was to create an image of the ‘feel’ of the home based on its brave design elements and unique aspects inside and out; combined.

The result is this interesting – modern and sophisticated image that depicts the ‘soul’ of the home and includes some of the landscape and surroundings to which it happily belongs.


In the Summer of the year 2021 the yard was filled with poppies. I was ready for a new adventure…I started painting poppies and including some of the great spans of landscape in my neighborhood. I started to notice the interplay of the expanse of the sky, the expanse of the farmlands dotted with farmhouses, barns and storage buildings, chicken coops and more. I started to paint.

Acrylic on canvas 16×20



My intention was to try another poppy picture based on the same theme as before but in a different way … and to explore the acrylic medium that is new to me. During my observations of the skies in Berks County, PA, I often bumped into the power lines and of course the poles. I decided to incorporate them into the painting rather than ignoring them. Although I still don’t like the power lines, I do like the effect of the juxtaposition in a painting with flowers. The lines also became the trellis which works here both to tie in the flowers in the sky and to suggest a disturbing element that works well here. The war impression was often mentioned by the people attending my recent local Featured Artist Show but the relationship to the war was not intentional.

Acrylic on Canvas, 18 x 26


9X9 Watercolor on paper – Part of the MIND PICTURES series.

The “Mind Pictures” were so named because the images depicted are totally created in the mind of the artist. The process begins by crinkling and dyeing the paper, and thus creating a textured surface. The paper is stretched, and the artist concentrates on the surface in a meditative state, until the image develops in the mind. Bit by bit as the images appear, they are painted on the crinkled paper. The texture developed during this process, is pleasing to the eye and connects the elements with an interesting effect.


18X24 Oil on canvas.

A group of young women and children mixing their chores with the pleasures of being together and mixing their work with the pleasure of the outdoors. The image was derived from watching such a group walking toward the farmers’ market in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1990.


One of the Clay/Wood series, approx. 18x6x5. A table top sculpture created from a rolled slab, shaped, marked and incised with textural elements. Blue and Black glazes and underwater flowing shapes of the fish harmonize with the natural shapes of the driftwood.